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Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.15.34 AM.pngThe hotel industry in the UK is many-faceted, from small independent hotels operating in seasonal seaside resorts to large chain city centre properties offering hundreds of rooms to support the conventions industry. There are many strata, with the sharing economy adding a new dynamic to the mix.

An established market, the UK’s hospitality industry is entering a new era as the country negotiates its separation from the European Union, tackles an economic slow-down and currency fluctuations, and deals with the aftermath of terror attacks in its major cities.

In this whitepaper, we will look at:

  • The current state of the market
  • New inventory
  • Inbound markets
  • The sharing economy
  • Forecasts for future growth

We talk to those at the grass roots of the industry, hoteliers working in markets across the country, as well as getting input from the British Hospitality Association and from Duetto’s Customer Success team.

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“This is Duetto's first Market Report, part of a series that will take a look at hotel revenue challenges and opportunities in key cities across the globe. And we started here, in the UK, where our hotel market is facing huge potential challenges, including political change, terror attacks at major destinations and new competition from the sharing economy. Fortunately, the market appears as resilient as ever. I invite you to download the free report, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.”

–Michael McCartan, Managing Director EMEA, Duetto